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Lancaster's Premier Residential & Commercial Lawn Care and Landscaping Company

We are a local professional lawn care and landscaping company, but not one of those big, faceless franchises. Since we are local, we understand our surroundings, clients, climate, grass, insects, and different soil types. We also understand which grass varieties are best suited for Lancaster at its surrounding areas.

We have a different approach than other lawn care companies in the area. Here at Diamond, we are committed to giving you the healthiest, greenest landscape you’ve ever had using our 7 Step Process. We go beyond a superficial makeover. Instead, we provide lawn improvement, weed and lawn pest control, and lawn maintenance. Your lawn and garden will be the envy of the neighborhood – that’s our promise to you.

Diamond Lawncare & Snow Removal provides much more than our name implies. We are a full-service landscaping company also offering tree removal services, small excavation, rock removal, and more while also providing snow removal services in winter.

Our 7-Step Process

Our Solution for a Beautiful Lawn, Year-Round

Step 1

Crabgrass Pre-Emergent with Fertilizer & Weed Control*

Step 2

Fertilizer & Weed Control*

Step 3

Fertilizer with Grub Control
(Includes Nutsedge Treatment)

Step 4

Surface Feeding Insect Control
(Includes Nutsedge Treatment)

Step 5

Fertilizer & Weed Control*

Step 6

Winterizer Fertilizer with Maintenance Lime & Weed Control*

Step 7

Aeration with Overseeding
(Recommended Every 2 Years)

Additional Services Available Upon Request:

• Tree & Shrub Care**      • Mulching**      • Flower Bed Maintenance (one-time or monthly)**      • Mowing**      • Tree Trimming**      • Spring & Fall Cleanup**

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Is your landscaping in need of attention, but you’re not sure where to start? Let us help! Simply fill out the online request form with your name, preferred method of contact, address, and any comments about what you would ideally like your services to include. We’ll come visit your property and give you a detailed estimate of the scope of work and the cost involved. You’ll never be surprised after the work is done. Get in touch with us today and discover how beautiful your lawn and garden can be!